Replace Your Comfort System Before It Breaks.

Think about the last time you purchased a new car. Was your old car broken down on the side of the road when you decided it was time for an upgrade? Or did you know your car was getting old and decide to upgrade before you lost that sense of reliability that you enjoy with a new car?  There is always that day in early June where the temperatures reach into the mid 90s and many homeowners scramble to get there air conditioning system working. All reputable contractors get slammed with service calls and equipment supply houses run low on supply. The end result is many homeowners stuck battling the first big heat wave without one of their homes most important systems.

This year was no different, and when the first big heat wave decided to roll in over Memorial Day weekend that complicated an already difficult situation. Many homeowners are very cautious when dealing with contractors, and for good reason. Unfortunately we live in a world where some people choose to take advantage of others. So it has never been more important to make sure you totally trust the contractor you let into your home. At the same time when you do find a contractor that you like, and they have good reviews, it is in your best interest to listen to their advice. Homeowners can get upset when a contractor suggests replacing a heating and cooling system that seems to be working. Their natural instinct is to assume this contractor is not being truthful. In most cases however the contractor is just doing his job. As your trusted heating and cooling company we feel it is our responsibility to make sure you and your family stay comfortable every day of the year. Unfortunately, once a heating and cooling system reaches a certain age its reliability drops significantly. Which brings us back to the old car scenario. If you do not wait for your car to be on the side of the road to replace it, why wait for your home to be 90 degrees to decide to replace your comfort system?

There are many other advantages to replacing your homes comfort system other than reliability. Newer systems are more efficient, so you will spend less money on energy to use the equipment while also doing your part to help our environment. Your home will also be safer with a new comfort system. New systems are designed with safety in mind. They have automatic fail safes built in to keep your home and family safe. Lastly you will be more comfortable with a new system. The technology in newer comfort systems will help make your home the most comfortable home on the block.

Comfortmate Takes On Difficult Heating and Cooling Jobs.

Every customer we meet with have real comfort issues that are usually routine for us to solve. However, some jobs that we run into can be very difficult, so much so, that it scares other contractors away from doing it. Here at Comfortmate we like to treat every customer that we come across as family, we feel obligated to offer effective solutions to solve their comfort issues. Even if that means we have to take on a difficult job.

We recently met with a customer who lived on a slab with duct work that was located in the concrete slab. Homes that were built in this manner can experience poor airflow, collapsing duct, corrosion, and many other issues.  This particular customer had duct work that corroded over time and now would have water build up in the duct after heavy rains. As a result, when air passed through the corroded and flooded duct it would carry unpleasant and unhealthy odors and moisture throughout the home. This is a problem that obviously needed to be fixed.

In this case the best solution was to start over. This included abandoning the duct work in the slab and installing all new duct work in the attic, and removing some of the existing down flow equipment and replacing it with an up flow system. The attic in this home was very short and left our installers very little room to work. It also did not cover the whole home which made it extremely difficult to reach each room. At the end of the job we were proud of being able to get new duct work to every room in the house without any exposed duct. Our hard work and creativity solved a major problem for this homeowner.

The hardest jobs we do are always the most rewarding. It is nice to walk away from a job knowing that because of us, this customer will be comfortable and safe inside their home. This is what truly sets Comfortmate apart from the rest of the industry. Some contractors may have walked away from a job like this, but we didn’t see this as just another job. We saw a new member of the Comfortmate family who needed our help, and we stepped up and delivered.

Comfortmate Intorduces Ductless Heating and Cooling Options

We recently met with a customer who was in the process of remodeling a very large, unconditioned room. This room was located off the back of their home and led out to a beautiful deck.  The challenge was making the room a great space where their family and friends could gather and visit all year around. However, since the room will not be in use constantly, they wanted a system that could be controlled separately from the main part of the home. They also were concerned about the operating costs of an additional heating and cooling system and additional construction cost to the main part of the home, in order to get new ductwork into the space. Lastly, the space for an additional outdoor unit was limited, due to the deck.
After going over different solutions with the customers, it was decided the best solution for them was to install a Mitsubishi ductless system in the room. The Mitsubishi system checked all the boxes:
1. The Mitsubishi system would operate separately from the main home’s heating and cooling system.
2. No additional construction on the main part of the home was needed.
3. The efficiency of a properly sized Mitsubishi system is second to none.
4. With the Mitsubishi system proposed, we can connect numerous wall-mounted indoor units to one outdoor unit.
Given the room size and ceiling height, two indoor wall-mounted units were needed. The units were installed up high on the wall, near the ceiling. Each unit is controlled with a separate remote control, so each unit’s temperature can be set separately, giving them the most optimal comfort.
Finally, since the outdoor space was limited, by using this specific Mitsubishi system, we were able to connect the two indoor units to one outdoor unit. Due to space issues, the outdoor unit needed to be installed near the deck and the customer was concerned about the noise of the unit. However with the Mitsubishi’s Whisper Quiet technology, we were able to put their concerns at ease.
If you are having issues heating or cooling an area in your home, such as an addition, bedroom, an entire 2nd story, or even a garage, a Mitsubishi system may be the perfect solution.
Please contact Comfortmate Heating and Air, Inc. to set up an appointment.  A Comfort Specialist will come out and go over all your options.