Ductless Heating and Cooling

In the past, conventional heatpump systems were known for their poor efficiency and performance in cold weather temperatures.

That was then… this is today.

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Floor Mount Unit

Floor Mount Unit

The most commonly used ductless indoor unit on the market. The Wall Mount Indoor unit offers flexibility when it comes to heating and cooling your desired space. This unit is full of Mitsubishi’s industry-leading technology that makes it the best ductless system available. Wall Mount Units come with return air sensors that monitor the room’s condition and automatically adjust to maintain temperature. A washable 10-year filter works to trap dust, allergens, and other particles to improve indoor air quality. This unit is ready to work with handheld remote controllers, smartphones, and even your traditional wall-mounted thermostat. Available in cooling only, traditional heat pump, hyper heat, multi or single zone.

Floor Mount Unit

Floor Mount Unit

Floor mounted units go where wall-mounted units can’t. Perfect for rooms short on wall space this low mounting floor unit offers great Mitsubishi Technology in a sleek, slim, wall-hugging design that is sure to make your room the most comfortable space in town. Just because it is lower to the ground doesn’t mean the Mitsubishi Inverter technology changes. This low mounting unit utilizes multi-vane airflow to circulate the air in your space. The front panel opens for easy access to the washable filter and can be controlled by any of Mitsubishi’s control options. The Floor Mount unit is available in cooling only, traditional heat pump, hyper heat, and multi or single-zone systems.



Maybe you don’t like the wall-mounted units, or your room doesn’t have any available wall space. That doesn’t mean ductless options aren’t for you. Mitsubishi offers Ceiling-Cassette units specifically designed to fit into traditional joist layouts. Ceiling Cassette units are installed in between the ceiling joists and sit within the ceiling. Ceiling Cassettes show just how flexible Mitsubishi ductless units can be. Still using all of Mitsubishi’s industry-leading technology, this unit allows you to heat and cool your space. With adjustable airflow directions, this unit will get the air where it is needed most. Homeowners and service technicians have easy access to the inside of this unit without any extra access panels. This unit is available in cooling only, traditional heat pumps, hyper heat, and multi or single-zone systems.


Mitsubishi Ductless Heating and Cooling systems are perfect for hot and cold rooms, bedrooms, basements, garages, home offices, additions, and can even be used in new construction. Single zone and multi-zone options give you the choice to condition one room or up to eight rooms off a single outdoor unit.

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