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Are Crawlspaces the Cause for Your Home’s Energy Problems? Quick, Easy Fixes Today

Homeowners in Mokena, IL may not realize how much crawlspaces can wreak havoc on a home, but it can be an issue that needs to be addressed for the overall well-being of your house. After all, crawlspaces may be the culprit in your home’s energy problems.

Signs That You May Have a Problem

Crawlspaces are not really something that many people think about. However, if your home is lacking proper crawl space insulation, you may end up uncomfortable. You may also be overusing your heater and air conditioner, and you may be wasting a great deal of energy. Read on to learn about signs to recognize that you may have a problem with your crawlspaces:

  • Do you see evidence of rodents, insects, or other pests in your home? You may have a problem with your crawlspaces being infested with pests if you do, and, for your overall well-being, you want to address this issue right away.
  • Have you experienced a shift with your insulation in the area? Insulation that has suddenly shifted or fallen completely may be a warning sign that there are some serious issues with your crawlspaces. However, that isn’t the only potential cause of the insulation movement, but it is something you should consider.
  • Do you suspect that you may have mold through subtle or not-so-subtle signs? If you can see, smell, or otherwise detect mold in the crawlspaces, that’s a sign that you need to act immediately. This is not something that you want to handle by yourself. For this, you’ll need advice from a professional.
  • Do the crawlspaces feel significantly damp in certain areas? When you notice that the crawlspaces often feel damp, you may have issues with them. This can be especially true if you are experiencing dampness on a consistent basis or in multiple areas.
  • Do you see problems with the floor that is directly above your crawlspaces? If you notice that the floor is extremely cold at times, or if you have to adjust the temperature because of issues with your crawlspaces, you may have an issue.

The Wrong Insulation

Yet another problem with crawlspaces is that you simply have the wrong insulation. Crawlspaces in older houses may be insulated with things such as fiberglass, but it is not the best insulation for your home because it can change shape and ultimately lose its insulating effect. The ultimate costs to you in energy loss will be greater than if you simply have it replaced with an option that may cost more at first, but it will save you money in the long run.

Keep Humidity at Bay

Crawlspaces that are too humid can create a haven for mold and other musty scents that will make certain places in your home uncomfortable. Fix this problem with moisture management and discuss your situation with a professional. You will need to ensure that you have good exterior drainage, interior drainage, air sealing, and an overall humidity management system for long-term success.

Control Radon Inhalation

There are often stories about the dangers of carbon monoxide in the media, but not a lot of coverage is given to the dangers of radon. However, this is a dangerous, natural, and common soil gas. Its inhalation causes lung cancer, and you need to make sure that your crawlspace is sealed properly to guard against its entrance into your home.

Maintenance is Important

Maintaining your home as well your HVAC systems, insulation, and crawlspaces is extremely important. By having regular maintenance done, you may be able to catch and solve problems with your crawlspaces before they even start. By catching problems early on, you can save money on energy costs. When you have your crawlspaces well-maintained for optimal energy efficiency, you can save a great deal of money on your heating and cooling bills. You don’t want to be wondering why it takes so long for your house to heat up and cool down. When you get to that point, you are already losing valuable energy.

Finally, keep in mind that there is no reason to sit by and let crawlspaces cause you financial problems and contribute to wasted energy. Contact Comfortmate Heating & Air today to help fix your home’s energy problems today. You can call us at (815) 464-5288, or contact us via our website for fast solutions and friendly service.