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New Construction

Whether it’s a new home or a commercial facility, the construction process is always exciting and a little nerve-wracking. You can help reduce some of the stress by ensuring that your new construction HVAC system is designed and installed by a qualified professional furnace and air conditioning contractor. Comfortmate Heating and Air has been providing new construction HVAC installation services to residential and business clients for over 20 years.

It Starts with Proper Design

Unlike some retrofit applications, a new construction project presents an opportunity to make sure that every phase of the HVAC system installation process is done correctly. This starts with a design that conforms to the published guidelines in ACCA Manual J. A proper set of load calculations will always incorporate a variety of structural variables that affect the efficiency of the system. This includes insulation values, windows, doors, perimeter tightness and building orientation. When combined with a duct system designed around ACCA Manual D, you can rest assured that your new system will meet all your comfort and efficiency expectations. To help assist our clients to obtain building permits from villages, towns, and/or cities, Comfortmate can draw the duct layout and all the pertinent notes and schedules on AutoCad and submit them to the architect or owner during the permit process.

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New Construction System Options

A new construction project usually provides the owner with the flexibility to choose equipment based on preference rather than necessity. There are many equipment options available in a variety of styles and efficiencies to address space limitations and structural challenges.

Split Systems: If you want exceptional efficiency and low noise, a split system may be the perfect equipment choice. The air handler or furnace is installed in a mechanical closet or garage, and the condensing unit is set outdoors, usually adjacent to a remote exterior wall.

Boilers: Gas boilers are simple to operate and efficient. Hot gas passes through a specially designed heat exchanger, and the thermal energy is transferred to water inside the boiler. When the thermostat engages, the water is circulated through a piping grid, and the heat is released into the room. Radiant heat is very comfortable and extremely efficient.

Package Units: Package units include the air handler and condenser in one cabinet. They are available in gas-electric, straight cool and heat pump models. Package units are usually installed in applications where a split system is impractical.

Furnaces: Furnaces are available in fuel oil, natural gas and propane configurations. Natural gas is the most commonly used fuel since it is relatively inexpensive and readily available in most metropolitan areas. As of Jan. 1, 2015, all furnace models in northern climates must have an AFUE rating of at least 90.

The Installation Process

At Comfortmate Heating & Air, we understand how important it is to install your new comfort system correctly. If you have a new construction project, we encourage you to contact one of our system design professionals to learn more about our new construction HVAC services.

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Comfortmate Heating and Air has been providing new construction HVAC installation
services to residential and business clients for over 20 years.