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How the Versatile and Programmable Edge Thermostat Can Benefit You

We’ve come a long way from traditional thermostats that require a manual adjustment every time you want to change the temperature. Programmable thermostats adjust automatically to conform to your preferred settings, and systems like the Edge thermostat take things even further, with sleek benefits that will redefine the way you experience home comfort.

Remote Thermostat Adjustments

The associated app lets you adjust the settings for your Edge thermostat even when you’re out of the house. This is ideal for a quick override of the usual settings when you realize you’re going to be out of the house all day and don’t need to maintain the same comfort levels you would if you were home.

Flexible Programming Options

The Edge programmable thermostat lets you manage settings in several ways to conform to your weekly schedule and habits. Use 7-day programming for a flexible schedule that changes throughout the week. This will get your home ready for your early return on Wednesday, but keep energy use low while you’re away all day for Saturday soccer games. If your schedule is more traditional, you can use 5/2 programming to set the temperatures accordingly for weekday/weekend schedules.

Sleek Appearance

The Edge thermostat has a slim and simple design that makes it the perfect installation for any home. The faceplate comes in gold luster, saddlebrush, espresso, quartz, onyx, and natural grain finishes. The equipment control module of the thermostat can fit on the furnace or fan coil, giving the wall-mounted portion a wall-hugging profile that makes it look like a natural extension of your home’s design.

Multiple System Management

The Edge thermostat is compatible with Carrier’s Ideal Humidity System, Hybrid Heat, and both Performance and Comfort series systems. You can manage your home’s humidity alongside the temperature. Hybrid Heat allows you to control your heat pump and furnace together for maximum energy efficiency.

Whether you’re interested in upgrading your entire heating system, or you simply want to add the Edge thermostat to your home design, Comfortmate Heating & Air can help. Contact us at (815) 464-5288.