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Air Conditioning Tune Ups Will Save You Money!

Maintaining Your Central Air Conditioning System

Imagine driving your car 100,000 miles without ever changing the oil. Would your car even make it that far? Probably not, because all mechanical pieces of equipment need maintenance. That maintenance could be an oil change every 6,000 miles or an annual visit from your trusted heating and cooling contractor. Very soon the season will be changing and as we enjoy the comfortable spring weather, we cannot help but think about the warm summer right around the corner. We have just one more thing to add to that “Spring To Do List.”

Tune Ups Will Save You Money

Having annual maintenance performed on your home’s central air conditioning system is scientifically proven to extend the life of the equipment, cut down on breakdowns, and make the system run more efficiently. Since heating and cooling your home accounts for over 50% of your home’s annual energy costs, even small savings can add up over time. A well maintained cooling system will experience less break downs throughout its life cycle, which could translate into major savings.

What Is Done During an AC Tune Up?

A normal AC tune up usually consists of a combination of cleaning, inspecting, and preventative tasks. Every company will structure their tune up and maintenance programs differently, but every maintenance visit should at least include:

  1. Tighten all electrical connections
  2. Test voltage and current on motors
  3. Lubricate moving parts
  4. Inspect and clean condensate drain
  5. Test of the system controls
  6. Test refrigerant charge and inspect for leaks
  7. Clean Blower components
  8. Clean outdoor condenser
  9. Test temperature drops
  10. Change or clean filter

Homeowners Can Help By Taking These Simple Steps.

Change Filter - A dirty filter can make the AC work harder to circulate air through the home. This adds strain to the motors and makes the system use more energy. Change the filter once a month to ensure ideal conditions for perfect airflow.

Keep Landscaping Clean By Outdoor Unit - Keep all landscaping at a minimum of one foot from the base of the AC condenser. This will help the refrigeration cycle run efficiently and put less strain on the condenser motors.

Keep Dryer Vent Pointed Away from Outdoor Unit - Lint build up can wreak havoc on your home’s cooling system by making it hard for your outdoor coil to release heat. This strain will force the system to run at higher temperatures.

Adjust Thermostat - If you are away from your home consistently for long periods of time, adjust your thermostat schedule to a higher temperature while away. This will limit the use on your AC system and also save you money on reduced energy costs.

Most Warranties Require Maintenance.

Still not convinced professional maintenance is an essential service for your AC system? If your system is currently under a manufacturer warranty or a home warranty, then annual maintenance is required! If your system gets dirty and is not maintained the chances of break downs increase drastically. It only makes sense that warranty companies would require proof of maintenance when honoring warranty claims on major components.

So pull out that never ending “to do list” and move schedule your AC tune up to the top to ensure your family will be comfortable all summer long! If you do not have a heating and cooling contractor in the Chicagoland area, please call (815) 464-5288 and a Comfortmate staff member will get you scheduled right away!